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YouTuber Zoe Kirk-Robinson appears to be a prominent figure in the Amstrad CPC community.  Someone with a genuine love for the old micro and appears keen to help keep it’s memory alive.

Over the past ten weeks she has been live streaming her coding efforts as she developed a story idea she previously had set within the Doctor Who universe into a classic old-school text based adventure game.  When I asked Zoe told me she had previously created a few adventure games for the CPC back in the ’90s using the Graphical Adventure Creator and wanted to see if she could rise to the challenge of writing one in Locomotive BASIC.

It’s a classic Sci-Fi puzzle-adventure with you starting in a crashed ship trapped in the bottom of a crater.  Here-in my knowledge ends as my ineptitude with these types of games quickly services.  I always find myself running around like a headless chicken not quite knowing where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to do.

Presentation wise I do like the three colour scheme differentiating between descriptions, actions, and the language parser.  Two minor touches I’d have liked to have seen is the use of the Amstrad’s Windowing system to properly split these three screen areas and some justification on the description text.  However it’s hard to be too critical here for a game, in it’s first part, that bumps right up to the upper limits of the CPC’s available BASIC listings memory space.

All in all a great effort well worth checking out for CPC lovers and I’d be interested in seeing how this progresses in part 2 (assuming I work out were I picked up the box of fuses from!).  Zoe’s next project, starting, Sunday night, maybe somewhat more interesting.  Her next game is being produced using the Freescape 3D engine via the 3D Construction Kit!

CPC .dsk Image Available Here


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