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Damn this game has no right to be this good.

For the uninitiated Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is a preeminent video games reviewer on YouTube with his ever popular Zero Punctuation! series.  In his spare time he is also a amateur game developer releasing his own indie output to Steam.  About a month ago it seems these two worlds collided with a new YouTube series and challenge.  A developers diary for 12 new games – one per month.

Preflight Panic is the first title in this series which sees you donning your best flight attendants uniform and, hopefully, showing a little more competency than your average EasyJet employee.  Simple put you move up and down the isle checking each passenger is ready for take-off.  Fail and the grim reaper is waiting.

It’s a very simple tight gameplay loop that taps into the repetitive addiction of the best mobile games and early games from the spectrum era.  Yahtzee’s designated reviewer, MovieBob, likened it to Root Beer Tapper which seems a fair comparison.

The key is in the well thought out animation cues which indicate whether a passenger is strapped in or playing with a device.  Controls are straight forward with cursor keys and space.  And passengers are highlighted nicely as you hover over them.  All fairly straight forward and simple stuff with a nice difficulty curve as the levels ramp up.

All in all a great first outing and I’m looking forward to what next month as to offer.

The Game Has Been Published Here


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