Little Blue Man

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A port of my very first platform game from the ZX Spectrum to the Amstrad CPC and on the way it has gained a proper name.

While the first level is identical in layout to the Spectrum game, the move to the CPC provided a chance to relook at the code and improve what wasn’t quite right the first time round and take some advantage of a better BASIC.

This version has been produced in Amstrad’s Mode 1 which is a row deeper and a couple of columns wider than the Spectrum’s only screen resolution.  However this does come at a slight cost on the CPC, only displaying 4 colours compared to the Spectrum’s 15.  The knock on effect being the gold coins in the first game are now blue, the same colour as our player.

The CPC uses the same User Defined Graphics system as the Spectrum to redefine the text based character set in to would be sprites.  The Spectrum is limited to 21 characters, not that I actually needed that many.  On the CPC the entire 255 characters can be completely redesigned and reused giving greater opportunities for character sizes and animations.

Little Blue Man has taken something of a design change this time as I wasn’t happy with lollypop stick figure.  He now takes design inspiration most noticeably from Yahtzee Croshaw (aka Zero Punctuation – YouTube), but also Dizzy and Rayman.

There are now three levels with three lives in total to complete the entire game.  Joystick is now supported for movement thanks to the simple use of the CPC’s JOY(0) command.  Level loading as been altered for faster reloading on death and new start/end screens complete the game.

The more structured BASIC with ELSE support in the IF statements and less branching has lead to a slightly faster end product.



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