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A couple of years ago I got a Bee in my bonnet over game development and signed up for a Udemy course on Unity.  Ultimately it fell flat due to lack of any real direction or experience.  The graphical artistry being particularly daunting.

Having spent some time playing around with Reddit coding challenges and using old versions of Pascal on CP/M I find I want to do something a bit more meaningful and focused.

So I’ve returned to the game development idea but this time I’ve decided to go right back to basics, literally, and slowly work forward from there.

Platform1 represents my first ever attempt at actually writing a proper video game from scratch for myself.  Sinclair BASIC provided all the much needed limitations in terms of memory, sprites (UDGs), colours, resolutions, etc, to focus the project.

The resulting game is a single level platformer that I would have proudly put forward for a magazine type-in submission back in the day had I had the where-with-all then to come up with it.

The original idea was to allow the player to shoot the enemies to get around the screen but on initial play testing I found the game provided the right level of gameplay and challenge without implementing that feature.

There are 9 gold coins on the screen.  All you need to do is collect them all.  Simple.  Right?



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