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SimCity on Mars?

It’s pretty much the best way to describe this game.  You are the director of a Mars colonisation mission.  You need to manage initial funding from Earth and load rockets with resources needed to build an habitable environment on the Red Planet.  Ultimately becoming self sufficient and sending rockets back to Earth laden with Mars goods and turning a profit.

The game plays very much like SimCity although perhaps more like a later game in that series with more micro-management.  Choose your landing site, mine resources, build domes, manage electric, water and air supplies.

While it was fresh playing this type of game again, especially on console, I found there was a tad too much micro-management and the game had a little too steep a learning curve.  There’s too much to do and much of decision you think sensible early game ham string you mid to late game.

Indeed it took me 5 or 6 plays before I was ready to move in to the longer mid game phase of managing actual colonists.


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