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Video games have come a very long way over the past 40 years.  Sony’s latest entry in their hit God Of War franchise goes out of it’s way to remind us of this.

God Of War began life on the Playstation 2 (see PS3 collection) and has it’s roots deep in the 80’s arcade beat ’em up’s like Double Dragon and Final Fight, or the Hack n’ Slash platformers like Ghosts N’ Goblins.

This version has been updated for the PS4 era and in doing so shows plenty of the Naughty Dog influence that has permeated a lot of Sony’s recent output.  Indeed Sony have been accused of making the same game over and over, based around The Last Of Us, in the same way Ubisoft games seem to follow the same generic open-world formula.

It’s an understandable criticism that is a little unfair and belittles the serious amount of hard work and polish on show hear.  Besides this type of third person action adventure, in the vain of Arkham Asylum, is exactly my cup of tea and I’m always ready to play more.

This God of War is set in Norse mythology and in many ways will remind you of the recent Hellblade but with much, much more combat.  The story is still very much a linear affair but it is augmented by a central open-world area interconnecting the Norse realms and providing many side-quest opportunities.

This game is an absolute technical masterpiece and will easily be viewed in years to come as a flag ship title for this generation.


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