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I hate to say it but ELEX is one of those games you visit when you’ve run out more interesting titles to play.  It’s no hidden gem like Echo or Hellblade.  More a bargain basket find, or at least one to wait until it’s at bargain basket prices.

The game itself is somewhat promising.  You play a space commando type whose been shot down on a hostile planet and stripped of just about everything.  The planet is populated with three main factions (who hate your old friends), and your old friends, for you to worm your way in with and increase your social standing.

In set up it seems, to my limited experience, a fairly typical western RPG set-up with you travelling around an open world and slowly powering up several character statistics.

In many ways the game reminded me of Horizon: Zero Dawn in set up and scope but lacked all of the polish.

And that sums up were the down hill slide begins.  Elex is a game that desperately needed another years development time and probably double the development budget.  The scope and scale of the game was just too much for the development team and the game felt rushed out.

Player progress and levelling up is far, far too slow for the narrative of the game and a lot (a lot) of serious grind is required to get your player up to a level to survive against even the most basic beast inhabiting the world.

This might be forgivable if the game wasn’t seriously buggy.  One corner of the map was completely unvisitable unless you hiked in and out on foot as the world map wouldn’t let me choose a transporter in that area and once in using a transporter to get out again caused my character to fall through the game world.

Overall ELEX proved to be a frustrating experience.  There was a lot on the surface to recommend.  I really wanted to build my character and make progress with one or two factions.  But the broken levelling system just wouldn’t let me.


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