Call Of Duty: World War II

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I’m not a huge fan of First Person Shooters.  In fact I’ve been known to actively steer clear of them, avoid them.  Mainly because there’s something about the first person perspective that (usually) plays havoc with my inner ear and, well, it’s not long till chutney time.

The last big FPS that surprised me was Resistance: Fall Of Man and the only reason I played it (and thoroughly enjoyed it) was it being given free in a bundle with the actual console.

This is a FPS I’ve actively gone out my way to purchase and play, not including Halo being an XBox launch title, we’ve probable got to go back Medal of Honor on the first Playstation.

And here’s the thing, and I’m only interested in the single player experience, this is an incredibly good and well polished.  The motion sickness was kept to a minimum, the gameplay and pacing spot on and I’ve got to admit it could easily change my mind on playing this type of game.

One thing that helped was re-watching Steven Spielberg’s Band Of Brothers at around the same time.  The single player story follows pretty close on the exact same action as the hit TV series following the events of the D-Day landings and the actions of the 1st Infantry Division.

The opening sequence, recreating the Normandy beach landings was particularly harrowing.  The graphics detail, the number of NPC’s rushing the beach, the sounds, the colours, the bullets whizzing over head.  It felt scarily real, for the first time I could really understand what it must have been like on that day.


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