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I’ve been a long term fan of the Assassin’s Creed games.  I’ve played every one of the so far.  With this one being set in Egypt it was a complete no-brainer.  The very definition of a game “I must play”.

This game seeks to explain very beginnings of Assassin’s movement. You play Baiyek who is seeking vengeance for the death of his son.  Along the way, along with his ex-wife, he get’s caught up with Ceaser and Cleopatra.

So far, so good.  And before I go any further I have to say that Egypt, as with all Assassin’s Creed locations, is the real star of the show here.  The locations have always been the big draw to the franchise.

As someone whose visited Egypt was a lot of fun reliving my holidays and exploring their versions of major holiday destinations.  The map in this game is absolutely huge and the Pyramids are everything you’d want them to be.

So why do I feel this might be the last Assassin’s game I play?

Well the games problem is one of genre-shift.  The games started out closer in content to the Hitman series, only more open-world.  It was about stealth gameplay and big set piece assassinations.  The games were much tighter in their story.

As each new entry in the series has come along they’ve moved further and further away from that and the heart of these games have been continually eroded.  The stealth and set piece assassinations have taken more of a backseat and RPG elements have continually creeped in.

Here, if we take the Assassin’s lore out of the narrative, we have something that is much more a kin to an RPG.  It feels a lot closer to Final Fantasy XV than the much praised Etzo Trilogy.  In fact I’d say in gameplay it is totally indistinguishable from Horizon: Zero Dawn and that game just does it better at every turn.


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