Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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With the recent release of Uncharted 4 touted as Naughty Dog’s grand goodbye to Nathan Drake and the closing chapter of his adventures many have wondered were the Uncharted series could go next, or if it has a future at all.

Uncharted has been the making of Naughty Dog and undoubtedly the stand out system seller series for the Playstation 3.  The Lost Legacy is a smaller adventure built upon Uncharted 4’s game engine and asset collection.

The story is only about 4 hours long and the whole game, including collectables and distractions, should complete in the 15-25 hour time scale.  Personally I found this to be a major improvement.

Uncharted has always been big, long, linear, story driven games with grandeous set pieces (who can forget the train in Uncharted 2?).  However this scaling back changes the tone and really improves the pacing.  In short the game doesn’t have time to out stay its welcome.

The two protagonists, in good recent Naughty Dog Last of Us buddy cop style, are Nathan Drake lakies from previous games.  Much of the joy of the Lost Legacy is the interplay and relationship between these two who are somewhat thrown together and perhaps don’t have the greatest level of trust between them.

Built on the Uncharted 4 engine the actual gameplay is a carbon copy of its big brother.  Ultimately if you tired of Uncharted 4, this is just more of the same.  For most that shouldn’t be a problem since we’re in it for the story – right?  But even down to the jeep and driving around this plays like Uncharted 4 in a dress.

Which brings me to the subject of female protagonists.  I really wasn’t impressed with 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot.  Finally enough I thought it was too Uncharted for Tomb Raider.  I could have forgiven it that if the premise of an unexplored Island filled with more goons than your average Bond villains hideout hadn’t completely turned me off.

Well, I’m going to say, this is what Tomb Raider should be in 2017.  Naughty Dog gets it.


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