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Caprice Forever is an hidden gem.  Why more people don’t know about it, why it isn’t recommended more, with greater fan fare, I’d never know.  It is to CPC emulation what ZX Spin is to Spectrum emulation.  Feature complete, accurate, fast, stable.

Arnold and WinAPE (expecially WinAPE) are the main two recommended.  If Caprice is still mentioned at all it’s the older/lesser CaPriCe32 builds.  The thing with Caprice Forever is that it is actively being developed and easily has the best GUI of the bunch, again not a million miles from the equally brilliant ZXSpin.

If Caprice Forever has an Achilles Heel it’s the lack of CPC Plus model support.  But then I doubt that’s something many CPC purests would be lusting after.  Emulation as in real life, by the time CPC Plus comes along WinUAE and Amiga emulation is probably more interesting.  Still if you must experience the GX4000 and it’s limited library then WinAPE fills that niche perfectly, for everything else there’s this.

Why do I speak so highly of this emulator, well just have a play around with configuring memory expansions or rom boards on other CPC emulators.  Also take a gander at the DMP2160 printer emulation, or the CDT Viewer, or the mouse/joystick/light gun support.  This is the only emulator I’ve found that allows a pretty feature complete recreation, re-implementation, re-living of actual CPC hardware configurations you may have owned in the past.

Every feature I could think of and wanted I found and easily configured.  The sole exception was lack of Multiface II support (ed – added in the October 2018 release!).

As I say, still being actively worked on and continually improved.  The latest release can always be found on the CPC-Power website.



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