Ghost Recon Wildlands

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What do you get if you combine Hitman with Assassins Creed?  Well in theory the answer is Ghost Recon.  And in practice, well that is all you get.  The game never really elevates above that.

You play the commander of a four man special forces team in a typical beautifully rendered Ubisoft open world Bolivia.  Your task is to out narco drugs lords.  Here in the set up is very much like Mafia III on a larger scale.

In open world mode the game is fantastic and Bolivia is magnificent.  In mission mode the game degenerates into a generic third person shooter pretty quickly.

It never manages to make any real use of the four man team mechanic.  The stealth gameplay barely hits the passable levels of recent Assassins Creed games.  The world is too cut up in to traditional Ubisoft tower reqions, with bosses and sub bosses to take out in each region to progress the game.

It’s a good fun game to play.  But never progresses beyond being highly derivative of everything similar that has come before.


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