Lego City Undercover

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I’m a huge fan of the Lego games but one of their main appeals is in how they re-enact scenes from your favourite films or comic books.  Lego City Undercover sees the franchise go it alone with it’s own story and own characters.

How does it cope without the likes of Luke Skywalker or Batman propping it up?  The answer – easily.  Just rip off every buddy cop movie known to main, especially Leathel Weapon.  Instead of being based on any one movie or franchise, this time they’ve taken the opportunity to drop in as many hollywood references as possible and you’ll find yourself giggling in true Lego style as you spot them.

As an Open World game it works just fine.  It’s a pretty standard Open World such as you’d find in any Watch Dogs, Mafia, or Grand Theft Auto game.  Only this time it comes complete with billions of Lego bricks to collect.

The story itself is pretty mediocre but enjoyable enough to play through with no real level of difficulty (it’s a game aimed at 8-12 year olds after all – with added humour for Dad in co-op play, as with all Lego games).


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