Sexy Brutale

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A wonderfully different game that to a certain degree defies proper classification.  It’s of a retro-indie style using an Isometric 3D view reminiscent of the Ultimate Play The Game Spectrum classics.

The plot is something very much out of groundhog day.  There are a number of murders you need to solve and prevent.  You have to replay the same 12-hour over and over again.  Don’t worry, 12-hour game time is about 7-minutes in real world time.   So every 7 minutes the game resets itself.

Thankfully once you’ve solved a murder it remains solved in future resets and you can move on to the next.  To help you get around the mansion there are a number of grandfather clocks with which you can save your position so you start there in future restarts.

Because of the quick turnaround groundhog nature the game does get pretty repetitive early on and it does take a while for the story to shine through and break the slight monotony.

The last third of the game is just brilliant and makes everything before more than worth a little grind.  Graphics, animation and art style are perfectly pitched as is the overall comedy.

The ending is interesting but the second alternate ending is much better and well worth collecting all the playing cards dotted around the mansion to experience.


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