Conway’s Game Of Life

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I kind of gave up on Unity because I really became discouraged.  I’m no artist or musician.  Apart from doing a really poor job of flipping assets I’m not sure what I can achieve with this on my own.

But I’m still interested in programming, generally, as an hobby.  And C# really does look like a fascinating language.  Maybe it’ll help gaining experience in it?

So I’ve broke open Microsoft Visual Studio and have started playing around making simple GUI apps.  I’ve also been looking over on Reddit in r/dailyprogrammer for inspiration of tasks to tackle while learning.

Enter Conway’s Game Of Life.  A game I first saw on the ZX Spectrum’s pack-in Horizons cassette way back when.  Not really a game, this is a life simulation.

Two competing organisms are simulated.  They are each given a percentage chance of life and some basic rules in how the live, die, eat and breed.  The simulation follows a number of steps as these colonies evolve.

This is my Windows GUI implementation written in C# using the Visual Studio GUI builder.



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