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It’s been a while since Final Fantasy VII, one of the best games on the first Playstation console.  A few RPG’s have turned up along the way since then, like Skies of Arcadia and Fable, but since moving on from the Playstation to the Dreamcast and XBox it’s one genre that I haven’t returned to so often and I’d pretty much lost touch with the Final Fantasy franchise.

So Final Fantasy, and RPG’s in general, is being experienced here with rather fresh eyes.

So first impressions – it’s Final Fantasy.  Something about the mix of characters, monsters, story, action, fighting, everything that does stir those memories of Final Fantasy VII.  So that’s a good thing.

On the flip side, having just played Horizon: Zero Dawn, the similarities between the two games are too numerous and this one does pale against Sony’s effort.

They pretty much come to the same point from different starting positions.  Horizon is an Open World game with strong story adding in RPG elements.  FF XV is an RPG game with mediocre story adding in Open World elements.

The story, a retelling of Hamlet, sees our hero Prince Noctus head off on a road trip with is three best friends just as is father is forcibly removed from the throne.  Cue loads of running around the game world learning what’s happened to poor dad, finding out who the bad guys are, and generally levelling up for the big boss fights.

It’s a fun game but, for me, I found the story a little too convoluted and the random monster spawning in these games far too annoying.


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