Horizon: Zero Dawn

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is an Open World in the absolute truest sense of the term mixed with RPG style elements.

The world the title character, Aloy, inhabits is vast and stunning with no area off limits to explore.  On the surface it looks like a pre-historic civilisation.  The world is seemingly inhabited with a few villages, tribes banding together.  This provides for a vast open unspoiled landscape full of forests, mountains, rivers, deserts and roaming emptiness to explore.

However first impressions can be deceiving as you quickly find out when you encounter your first of many robot dinosaurs the live in these wide open spaces.

And ignoring the story, which is really quiet good and in true Sony style the real centrepiece of the game, these roaming metal beasts are the core of the game play.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from deer and bulls easy to tame with practice to larger monsters that’ll take some hammering, and winged Pterodactyls you certainly don’t want to be surprised by.

Being RPG based means much of where you can go is determined by who you can comfortably kill, and who you can kill depends on how much you’ve levelled up dear Aloy.

And this was my only major complaint with the game.  The difficulty curve be just outside my personal comfort zone and the need to improve inducing some elements of grind.

However, it’s one game full of Sony set pieces and perseverance allows the story to shine through.


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