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The 2016 edition of IO Interactive outing for Agent 47 was initially released online only in 6 (bi-)monthly instalments or chapters.  This disc release brings all 6 parts together in one purchase.

I’ve long been a huge fan of the exploits of Agent 47.  Going way back to the second game, first to be released on consoles, on the original XBox way back in 2002.

While there was something of a luke warm reception for the last entry, 2012’s Hitman Absolution, I actually liked that linear story style action-adventure gameplay.  Thankfully many of the improvements from that game has been combined with the more traditional game play of fan favourite Hitman: Blood Money (2006).

For each level you are given one or two targets.  You job of is to explore the layout of the level.  See were the various NPC’s go.  Discover the various opportunities that are open to you.  And pick your own path in dispatching the tardgets.

The real fun in the Hitman series is in the trial and error of discovering all the opportunities.  And the replay-ability of each level as you go back and try the various ways of killing the targets.

The new Hitman isn’t perfect.  There are issues.  All of which pretty much come down to the always online requirement.  While the game is technically playable off-line it is severally locked down.

While parts of the experience do require being online with some of the time limited missions, it’s the area’s like unlocking new weapons that shouldn’t need a permanent online connection but does that causes the problems.

Online issues aside this easily the best Hitman game yet and possibly even the best game ever made to date.


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