The Last Guardian

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For a game that spent the entirety of the last generation, and half of this, in development hell it’s a wonder that something this good was the end result.

The Last Guardian is the spiritual sequel to Team Ico’s Playstation 2 (yes that’s how long this as been) games Ico and The Shadow of the Colossus.

Whether it’s just Team Ico’s artistic style, or a product of being a Playstation 3 game rebuilt for the Playstation 4, with a few exceptions in animation and physics this game looks like an upres’d Playstation 3 game.

The big exception seems to be in Trico, the bird-dog creature you befriend and explore the game with.  From the wind ruffling his feathers, through to the amazing attention to detail in his dog like curiosity behaviour, Trico is a wonderful sight to behold and the cornerstone of the game.

In terms of game play it really is just a standard 3D puzzle platformer.   It doesn’t actually iterate much (if at all) on the classic Tomb Raider formula in the mid 90’s.  The big twist, if we can call it that, is coxing the bird-dog into helping you solve said puzzles.

Not that any of this is a bad thing.  Watching the relationship build between the two characters is nothing short of hart warming.  The puzzles strike the right balance between difficulty and fun.

Certainly a game more than worth the decade long wait.


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