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Back in July 2011 Danish studio Playdead released their debut title, and one of the standout games, on the Playstation 3, Limbo.  For five years we’ve been waiting to see exactly what they had in store for us next.

Well, the wait is over and the answer is a refinement of the classic 2D platform game play of the previous title.  Where Limbo focused on the horror and continuous journey forward in subdued black and whites, Inside artfully uses splashes of colour to set the mood of this more story driven outing.  This time much more focus has been given to the puzzles.

The puzzles reminds me a lot of late 8-bit classics like Fantasy World Dizzy.  There’s a little bit of back and forth over a couple of screens to bring the components together to solve the various puzzles.

Limbo was far more about being continuously on the move and what little puzzling there was on offer never served to slow down your relentless march to the right.

Inside intentionally slows you down in order for it’s unspoken story to shine through.

And again, this time there is a story that needs unpicking.  There’s a mystery to solve.  Who is this boy?  Where has he come from?  Why is being chased?  And where is he trying to get to?

The answer might be a little stranger and a tad weirder than anything you may be expecting.


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