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First written in 1996 by Dan Borris, O2Em is the premier emulator for the Videopac series of games consoles.  Dan developed the emulator up to version 0.70 when the original source code was lost.  Since version 0.70 the source code has been recovered and André de la Rocha has continued development of the emulator.

The base emulator is a command line program that supports Odyssey-2, Videopac (G7000), and Videopac+ (G7400) cartridge ROM images.  It also requires a copy of the original 1kb BIOS ROM image used by the console.  Versions of the emulator are available to run on MS-Dos, MS Windows, and Linux based computers.

In 2005 an official Windows frontend launcher was released, developed by Heitor Barcellos.  O2Em Launcher gives a list of ROM images found in the main programs ROMs folder and provides screenshots of each game for easy recognition.

The frontend settings lets you alter the window size, or set the emulator to full screen, scanlines are supported, and you can switch or disable left/right player keys or set them to use an attached joystick.  The default folders for ROM images, the BIOS, screenshots, and manuals can all be changed here as well.

O2Em will also use emulate the voice module attachment if supported voice samples are placed in the correct sub-folder.



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