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WinArcadia is a multi-system emulator by Amigan Software originally designed for the Amiga range of home computers and then ported over to the Microsoft Windows system.  It mainly focuses on the Emerson Arcadia 2001 games console, clones, and related systems like the Interton VC4000.

However, one particular nice touch is that it does fully emulate two General Instruments TTL chips, the AY-3-8550 and the AY-3-8600.  DIP switches let you choose between colour and mono emulation, and whether the paddles are fixed with vertical controls only or free roaming with horizontal control.

In fact the AY-3-8550 is identical to the earlier AY-3-8500 with only the addition of horizontal paddle control options making the difference.  As well is fixing the horizontal movement, the DIP switches let you change paddle size (F4), change ball speed, change number of rebound angles the ball can reflect off the bat, turn auto serve on and off, and switch between all 7 available game styles (F2).

You can alter the size of the game window, or go full screen.  Like all good emulators of classic systems a scanlines option is available to give the effect of playing on an old CRT screen.  Controls for either (or both) players can be set to keys, mouse, or joystick.  So one analogue stick on a couple of modern gamepads can give the right level of paddle control analogous to the analogue dial on the original controllers.



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