Saints Row 2

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The sequel to the 2006 XBox 360 title sees you pick up the story after Gak, the leader of the Saints, has spent a few years under police guard, in hospital, with a coma.

In his (or her) absence the Saints are no longer a force to be reconed with in Stillwater and rival gangs have climbed the totem pole and ceased control.  Time to roll up your sleeves and  get it all back again.

At first glance Saints Row 2 doesn’t feel much more than a cheap, forgettable GTA III clone.  The graphics is a little cartoon-y and unrefined.  The action is a little over the top.  The busy work a little too formulaic.

However this is a game to be given a fair chance.  It doesn’t take long for the story to establish itself and the playground of Stillwater to become engaging.

The games two main sticking points never go away.  The side quests are far too numerous and far to formulaic.  There’s not a whole lot of variety.  It’s made worse by the reputation system that insists you complete a certain amount of side activities before being allowed to progress the main missions.

Still, these issues aside the game remains far more enjoyable to play than the rather stuffy GTA IV.  Goes to show what a great central character and story does for gameplay.


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