Halo Wars

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Real Time Strategy games don’t turn up all that often on consoles.  It’s one of the few, albeit somewhat similar, genres that I sometimes get an itch for and begin the endless cycle of considering a gaming PC.

As a game, much like Civilization Revolution, it does manage to scratch that war gaming itch while at the same time giving a gentle reminder has to why these game are not often seen in the console space and are best played elsewhere.

Story wise it’s set within the ever expanding Halo universe that launched the first XBox console.  Not being a great follower of them I can’t say it grabbed my attention.  Although I did notice some very familiar Star Wars overtones in some of the cut scenes and an overall setup not a billion miles from Mass Effect.

But that’s just an excuse to get you on the ground commanding troops.  Anyone familiar with the Command & Conquer games will be well at home here with the ever present base building and troop manuevers.

As you’d expect it’s the controls that really come under fire and do the game something of a disservice.  It’s clear Microsoft did what they could with the tools they had, the 360 controller, but it’s also pretty obvious that what you really want is a mouse for finer control.

Overall the missions are not too taxing and the biggest challenge will often be making sure you set up your bases correctly and recruit the correct troops for the mission.

With that done I found the ever popular blitzkrieg approach worked best.  As easy as they tried to make it selecting particular units, or groups of units, is just far too fiddly with a controller.

Hit the select all troops button a send them off like cannon fodder all the while keeping the bases churning replacements for the fallen victims of your inept strategies.


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