Dead Space

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First impressions of Dead Space wasn’t entirely positive.  It felt a little limited and on-rails.  It seem to have taken too many of it’s ques from Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise.  But by about level 3 the game kind of settled in to itself and it became an incredibly enjoyable and gripping survival romp.

The games an 18 certificate and really never shy’s away from it’s adult audience with its jump scares and out right gore.  One of the best parts of the game are Issac’s deaths.   This is one you’ll be dying a lot in and usually in very satisfying ways.

Having got into the game the graphics and art style might just be among the best of this generation, at least till this point.  The game stands head and shoulders over the likes of Mass Effect, Grand Theft Auto IV and Assassins Creed.

All that said the level structure never deviates too much.   Exit tram, go to central hub point, fight aliens in right path, fight aliens in left path, fight boss, return to tram.  Rinse and repeat.

Still the difficulty does ramp nicely and the story holds the general mission structure together quite nicely.

Actually I did find the difficulty on normal just a little beyond my ability curve.  Maybe intentionally so since it added to the general urgency to the game.  I constantly found myself on the backfoot in terms of health and ammo.

However it wasn’t health or ammo that finally defeated me.  It was the end of level 6 boss.  The game requires good aim accuracy and conserving ammo.  You also by this point probably need to have mastered the kenesis ability.

Using a rapid fire gun and loads of ammo I fought a good fight but ultimately without a better method of quickly attacking the centre I was done for.


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