Fable II

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Honestly I wasn’t too sure about Fable when I started with it.  It seemed very cartoon-y and reminiscent of 80’s British childrens shows like Count Duckula and Trap Door.

And then slowly you start exploring what is actually quiet an impressive open world and running headlong in to a very adult and very British sense of humour.

Perhaps to be expected for a UK game studio headed up by Peter Molyneux (Populous, Theme Park, Black & White).

As an RPG it’s not going to win any prizes and the stories is the standard Luke Skywalker hero’s quest fair.

Where the game gets interesting is in spotting the UK voice talent including the likes of James Cordon, Zoe Wannermaker, and Stephen Fry.  And in the more…casual…interactions with the non-player characters.

In many ways it’s fun to actually inhabit the world and see your character grow and change and influence that world.  Buy property, have a house, get married and have kids, earn money, make a name and convince Town Criers to sing your name.

There are places were continuity seems a little suspect and the ending can best be summed up as a damp squib, but a game is the sum of it’s parts and in that light Fable 2 is well worth the time investment.

Actually, about that ending…the game is really just a long winded setup for a really horrible moral choice.


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