Star Wars: Force Unleashed

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The Force Unleashed is a boyhood fantasy come true.  For someone who grew up wanting to be Luke Skywalker in Return Of The Jedi this game is an absolute dream come true.

The actual gameplay is a fairly generic third person Action-Adventure style game of Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed ilk.  However the genius is setting in the Star Wars universe, and most importantly getting the “Force” abilities right.  Especially Lightsaber battles.

You play a young apprentice of Darth Vader tasked with rooting out the remaining hidden Jedi sometime between the events of Revenge Of The Sith and the start of the original 1977 movie (A New Hope).

As you progress through the game you level up your Force abilities to become a stronger Sith and, hopefully, take your place a Vader’s side after disposing of the Emperor.

All the Force abilities are here and superbly executed. Force Lightning, Grip, Push, Speed Running, Jumping.

The games not perfect.  Quick Time button presses get in the way of ending boss battles and the checkpoint quick save mechanism is atrocious.

The game will checkpoint 2-3 screens before a boss battle and then not checkpoint again until after you’ve mastered a perilous jump that’s hard to judge because of into the screen perspective, 2-3 screens after the boss fight.

However despite the (not so minor) niggles the core gameplay and story hold up extremely well.  Indeed more than well enough to overcome the games short comings.

This is easily the most fun I’ve had in a video game in 2008!


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