Bionic Commando Rearmed

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Not so much a remake of the tough as nails 80’s arcade classic as a complete re-imagining for the modern era.  And much like the original it’s incredibly fun to swing around platforms and ledges with your grappling arm.  And much like the original it’s no easy ride either.

This time though you are blessed with unlimited lives, not that that helps much.  A checkpoint system will put you back to the start with each life lost and the end of level bosses provide a hefty challenge before the game save kicks in and the level is consigned to history.

It’s interesting being used to playing in a go anywhere 3D world to be restricted in your movements.  No jumping or climbing here.  movement is restricted to left/right and whatever you can do with the bionic arm.  An old skool challenge that feels long gone from gamers memories.

The over world map for selecting levels sees enemy troop movements and where they collide with your movements a nice bonus stage kicks in that lets us relive such classics as Commando, Rambo and  Ikari Warriors.

It’s no masterpiece, just a really good reminder of the golden era of feeding loose change into the Coin-Op slots.


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