Burnout Paradise

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The Burnout series of games have passed my by, however, this one grabbed my attention due to the open world setting for the game.

Paradise City looks and feels much as you’d expect from contemporary open world games such as Grand Theft Auto, Mafia, or Saints Row.  Pull up at a junction, however, and the game turns into your classic point to point racer.

And yet, it often times doesn’t.  Sure you, and other racers, have a target to get to, but how you get there is up to you.  You can follow other cars along the main race route, or turn off and make your own way, including using shortcuts not seen on the mini map.

There’s a few different race styles, besides the traditional, to keep the action mixed up, including time trials, take down challenges, stunt runs, and marked man.

Out side of racing there’s plenty to keep you entertained with billboards to crash through and gated shortcuts to find.  There’s road times to set, and every so often you are awarded new cars which you need to find and take down to add you your collection.

And it’s that overriding take down, stunts, and crashes theme that ties the game together.  Going wrong in this game is more fun than winning a race.  Speed kills and this game leaves you in no doubt how quickly a parked car or road barrier can sneak up on you.

The crash animations are what takes this game from a good open world driving game to an outstanding and incredibly entertaining video game.


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