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I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting going in to this game.  Was it to be another basic open world game like Grand Theft Auto III and Mafia?  Would it be another action adventure like Uncharted?  Or will it be something closer to Ubisoft’s own Prince of Persia series?

Well it’s all of those things, and none of them.  It’s a game that charts its own path and does it very well in an extremely entertaining fashion.

Ubisoft have done a really credible job of taking the action adventure genre with a strong story and married it with a compelling open world rich to explore.

You play the role of a 12th century assassin on the trail of King Richard in the holy lands during the time of the crusades.  In this back drop you’ll visit three major cities were you need to discover information about your targets before dispatching them accordingly.

Graphically Assassin’s Creed is a marvel.  The cities are nothing but drop dead gorgeous and feel real and alive.  It seems technology has advanced to the point we can be transported back in time and live and breath and feel a bygone world.

The character models and animations are a leap ahead of anything you’d have seen on the last generation consoles and most of the time rival Uncharted in their impressiveness.

The underlying story is a good one with a mysterious figure pulling the strings of the enemy Templars behind the scenes.    It’ll keep you gripped and wanting to experience more.  Who are the Templars, what do they want?  How does the past relate to present day events?

However, Assassin’s Creed isn’t a perfect game.  It’s a great start in a new franchise, but it has it’s obvious flaws.

Mostly the games problems revolves around copy, cut, paste, and the number 3.  There’s three cities, with three areas for each of the 9 targets in total.  For each target, in each area, you need to perform three investigation tasks our of around 6-9, of which there are, you guessed it, exactly 3 types.

All this means that despite the great story, engaging action, fun parkour, and large explorable cities, the game does get to feel very repetitive very quickly.  You’ll be spending the 20-30 hours of gameplay essentially performing the exact same half dozen tasks over and over.


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