Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

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I found Uncharted to be something of a mixed bag.  It jumps from the sublime to the horrendous at the flip of a coin.

The core game is something special.  If back in the 80’s you dreamed of being able to direct a live action movie, well that pretty much sums up the Uncharted.  It’s a 3D action-adventure game with very grandiose cinematic underpinnings.

The roots of the game is very much in the Tomb Raider series however much less attention has been payed to the puzzle solving and much more to the action.  There’s a good 50/50 split between adventuring and shooting anything that moves.

Graphically this is one of the best game you’re likely to feast your eyes on.  The characters have a scary life like quality to them and are among the best character models you’ll see anywhere.  The animation and lighting are all completely on point.

It’s the little things that tend to let this game down.  The pacing is a little off.  The aiming and gunplay is wishy-washy.  Hits don’t always register, especially headshots.  The odd awkward camera position. Checkpoint placement isn’t fully thought through pushing you too far back on occasion following death.

None of these are big, in your face, highly noticeable issues.  But they do add up and drag down the overall enjoyment of the experience.

For me the biggest problem the game presented was motion sickness.  Usually a problem with first person games it’s rare for a third person game to cause this.

Not sure of the root cause, it’s probably a combination of things.  Draw distance perhaps a little too shallow.  Camera motion a little too choppy.  Frame rates regularly drop below 30fps and are not stable.  It all adds up to miserable experience and it’s hard to recommend a game that makes you want to vomit.

Ultimately it’s a very good game well worth playing.  But it’s not the best of the PS3 games I’ve seen so far.  In fact, compared to the last three it is unfortunately the worst.  I hate to say it but I’d much sooner play and recommend Resistance.


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