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This is the game I bought the PS3 for.  In fact, for me, it probably takes the award for most expensive game of all time.  When you take into account the cost of the PS3 and then importing the full game pack (with drum kit) from the states, well a good £400 lighter and was it worth it?

And yes, most definitely yes, it was.  The difference is the drum kit.  There’s no way this game would have been interesting if it was just another Guitar Hero plastic guitar controller affair.

In Rock Band you have the option for the standard plastic guitars in both lead and bass configuration.  These are joined by a Karaoke microphone and…the drums.  The idea is this is a proper party game, bring your mates over, down a few beers, and rock out.  And it succeeds perfectly in this mission.

However it’s the hidden gem of being a more serious music rhythm game using the drum controller that makes this game stand out.  Forget your mates, just hit the bongos!

The kit is based around four pads and a pedal.  It’s a basic drum kit – bass, snare, a couple of toms and a cymbal.  Indeed while the pedal maintains the kick drum and the red pad takes the role of snare, the other three pads can chop and change their use depending on song requirements.

All in though, from a complete novice point of view it is, for the first time, the art of playing a real music instrument.  You’re no longer faking out on cheap plastic replicas.  This is the real deal.  You need to play the part of the drummer and keep time, hit the beats, maintain the rhythm.

For me that meant knowing my limits!  One or two song’s in the easier categories I could bash through on Hard.  But really Medium difficult for most songs hit the spot between recognisable and enjoyable rhythm will not tying my hands and feet in knots.

To win in expert rubbing your tummy, patting your head, and doing keepy-uppies all at the same time while reciting the alphabet backwards should be no problem for you.

Thankfully crashing out isn’t a pain when your playing is being accompanied by proper licensed rock tracks from big well known artists.  Personal favourites include Creep by Radiohead, Gimmie Shelter by The Rolling Stones, and Dani California by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

And, if you thought this game couldn’t offer any more fun, well let me just put this idea in to your head.  Multiplayer.  No, not the party multiplayer fake band mentioned above.  Oh No.  I’m talking multiple drum kits.

Trust me find a mate with a copy of this game and a drum kit of their own.  Invite them over and get them to plug their kit in to your Playstation.  There’s nothing quiet like have to drummers rocking out side by side.  Permagrin!


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