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I can’t begin to describe how much fun I’ve had with this game.  If I was to sit down and try and describe the perfect racing game this might just be what I’d come up with.

In essence a rally style arcade racer.  So forget your Gran Turismo or Forza realism here, this ones for fun.

Race half a dozen different vehicle types around dirt tracks in the Nevada desert.  Each track is perfectly designed and has two or three different routes, each suited to a particular vehicle type.  Lorries stick low, bikes go high and jump off ramps.

The game is as much about the crashing and going off course as it is about winning.  Going wrong in this game is soooo much fun.  Tussling for position with other racers and going up in a ball of flames is incredibly satisfying.

Graphically the game is drop dead gorgeous.  I complained that the other start pack pack-in, Resistance, looked like a Playstation 2 game that barely improved over the late PS1 title Medal of Honor.

During the open titles I genuinely wasn’t certain what was live footage, pre-rendered or being live rendered.   Sure it’s just a load of desert with a few rocks, but boy this is what a new generation of consoles should be about.

However, the game is not perfect.  There’s barely a half dozen tracks and once learned there’s nothing new there.  Sure the tracks are superbly designed and there are multiple routes around them, but there’s still only a few of them.

Also, the perennial problem of banding rears it’s ugly head.  Banding means it doesn’t matter how well you drive, the competition is always right on your tail.  Sure it makes arcade racers more exciting as you’re always racing, but it also means a minor mistake can cost you significantly and there’s no way to build a safe lead.


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