Resistance: Fall of Man

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I’m not usually a fan of first person games.  There’s something about the camera movement that plays havoc with my inner ear.  Camera motion is too fast, the draw distance is too near.  So it’s not often I pick one of these games up.

Resistance is one of the big standout launch titles from the Playstation 3’s launch.  As such it’s become one of the two pack-in titles in the value Playstation Starter Pack.  And so a game I wouldn’t have chosen for myself has been foisted upon me.

And I’m really pleased it was.  The game has it’s root in the World War 2 based shooters such as Medal of Honor and Battlefield 1942.  In deed in many ways the game reminds me of the other surprisingly enjoyable FPS Medal of Honor on the original Playstation.

It’s an alternate history piece.  The action set in the post war UK of the 1950’s.  In this reality an alien race has invaded Europe spreading out from Siberia and England, the final frontier, had fallen.  Now the American’s have come to the rescue.

You play the role of one American GI fighting around key UK locations, driving back and defeating the Chimera.

Graphically it doesn’t look a major leap from Medal of Honor from 8 years previously.  This is clearly an early PS3 game that’ll look at home on the XBox or PS2.  And in gameplay also there’s nothing new here.  It is almost a case, if you’ve played on FPS you’ve played them all.

However while being very formulaic and derivative the game is extremely polished.  Nothing new, but what it does do it does very well.  I played the game in easy mode and had a blast killing everything that moved.


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