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Oh my good God!  What a game!

It’s hard to stop with the expletives on this one, this might just be puzzle gaming, nay gaming in general, perfection.

The task is simple.  To the tune of March Of The Mods a number of little Lemming like critters are released on to the screen.  Your task, to guide them safely home.

Between the entrance and the exit will an obstacle course of often times satisfyingly violent and Lemming eliminating dangers.  In order to safely help the poor little critters past these dangers you can endow them special abilities like bashing walls, building bridges, parachuting (with an umbrella no less), or just plan crowd control.

There are a massive 120 very challenging levels in total split in to four areas of difficulty (30 levels at each difficulty setting).  On the initial Fun difficulty most of the solutions are pretty straight forward once you see them.  A lot of the key to the game is seeing the wood for the trees.

This is easily the best game (so far) on the Amiga and possibly even the best game of all time.


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