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Bullfrog’s sequel to the incredibly popular Amiga hit Populous.  Based on the same overall game design and layout but this time focusing on commanding troops into war directly rather than influencing remotely by altering the environment.

The actual game structure is incredibly impressive, it’s not exactly an isometric setup, rather properly built up 3D world more impressive than the likes of Mercenary.

There’s a lot to this game.  The map that needs defeating is immense and needs to be tackled one small island at a time.  And the difficulty does seem to ramp up pretty quickly.

I got on to my forth island after a lot of struggle and plenty of trial and error.

I found the distance from the action and the overall command structure incredibly difficult to navigate.  The game is played at a god like distance similar to Populous.  Effectively pointing the team in the right direction, telling them how hard to hit, and hoping for the best.

As you progress across an island, one village at a time, you do need to keep your troops fed and probably need to research better weapons.  However I struggled the feedback and wasn’t sure research was being in anyway effective.

Ultimately walking in to a village a pleading the the local general to join my team seemed to be working.


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