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Amiga Action kicks off their regular monthly coverdisks with a free full game.  The game in question being Accolade’s Mean 18, a fairly standard golf sim from around the same time as the first Leaderboard games.

The mouse controls work great and uses the regular three-button click to take your shot.  Graphically is does look only slightly better than World Class Leaderboard, using a more painted approach to displaying the courses.

Speaking of courses the disk comes with four well known locations for you to try your luck against including St. Andrews and Pebble Beach.

Where the game does full down slightly, and the last Leader is by far the better game, is in the drawing and distance perception.  Leaderboard uses a clever 3D drawing technique that gives a better sense of distance.

This issue continues with the workings of the swing bar where I struggled to marry up the golf club selection, the swing meter markings, and the distance travelled along the course.

On the other hand though I really did like the putting system which does a great job of helping you understand and line up your final shot for 3-over par.


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