Voodoo Nightmare

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Voodoo Nightmare is a very mixed back of tricks.  In terms of graphics and animation I very much doubt you can point to anything else in the same league.  It uses the age old isometric view to incredibly good effect.

The basic gameplay is a very off the shelf maze collect-em-up with a few puzzles thrown in for good measure.  And as such it plays well and is a good addictive hook to it.

And yet somehow has a whole the game just misses the mark.  It’s problem is one of difficulty.  It’s just that bit too challenging to warrant the long term slog needed to complete it.

Most of the difficulty comes from the ungainly controls.  Most traditional 8-bit isomatric games based on Knight Lore tend to stick to a fairly familiar 4-direction movement scheme.  Voodoo opts for 8 directions which inevitably means fighting as your little character moves or jumps in a completely unintended way.

The other half the difficulty is lack of sufficient signposting in some of the puzzles and within the over world linking the levels together.  Indeed it’s far too easy to get lost wandering aimlessly around the overworld after you’ve successfully completed the first area.


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