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A free giveaway on the January 1991 coverdisk of Amiga Format magazine.  Interphase is a graphically impressive 3D game that received high scores and positive reviews on release the previous Christmas.

Generally speaking it does look and feel like a very good and well implemented game…if I could work out what is going on and what I’m supposed to do.

I’ve just about the hang of flying around and can happily shoot things.  I think I’m supposed to get a door open but I’ll be damned if I can find the right thing to shoot to do this – and this is just the first level.

It’s a mixture of problems that seem to be getting in the way of me actually sorting this game out.  The main is trying to fly with the mouse.  I could really do with some key or joystick alternatives.  Holding the right mouse button and pushing forwards/backwards to increase/decrease speed does not feel natural.

The other thing is the lack of detail and relatively shallow viewing distance.  It’s like driving a car in thick fog and trying to spot a road sign for directions.  When moving at speed what you’re looking for has often passed before you have worked out how to slow down and deal with it.

Especially the security droid which whizzes past your screen and generally just gets in your way.  I think there’s an old Atari game, Ballblazer, that has a similar issue with trying to navigate a 3D space.

Still despite my gripes and inability to progress from the first room, what I have seen does show what looks to be a fun, interesting, and very different type of game once you’ve mastered manoeuvring a 3D space using a mouse.


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