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A really good and promising game ruined by a user interface.  Murder! is a rather interesting computerised update to the classic board game Cluedo or, more accurately, a murder mystery weekend.

You start standing next to a recently departed body and must discovery which of the residents committed the foul dead.  By changing details such as the date on the newspaper start screen they promise nearly 3 million mysterious to be solved.

As with the infamous board game it’s a question of who, why, and with what weapon.

And here in the problems begin.  You walk around the house talking to guests and dusting items for fingerprints.  The actual gameplay and workflow is fine and the note taking feature makes it easy to keep track of your clues.

However it’s a question of scale.  There’s just too many variables.  Too many suspects, too many rooms, too many objects.  You need to ask each (well most) of the guests individually about each one of these one at a time.

Most of the time you’ll be fobbed off with a “I’ve told you all I know” or “I know nothing about”.  But you still need to laboriously go through all permutation just in case to find that one golden nugget to crack the case.

Click on person, click on question mark, click on person/object/room, click on ask question, rinse and repeat for every person/object/room, move on to next person and…

It’s a shame.  With a faster way of getting at the pertinent information from each guest this would be an absolute classic.


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