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At it’s heart this is a very old game. And I do mean very old. Mike Shapiro has done a sterling job of bring his virtual carbon copy of Ultima to the Amiga. A game that days back to June 1981 and one of the original 8-bit home micro’s the Apple ][.

You play a lack lustre adventurer with little money and little experience. With what little money you need to enter a town and find an armoury with little haste. Tooled up you’re ready to find one or two bad guys to kill in order to gain more money for better weapons and food. When you’re ready visit the king and he’ll have a few tasks for you complete.

The whole thing is presented in a very well drawn top down view with you starting in an over world and pressing the Enter button on certain squares will take you in to towns, villages, and castles. This multi-layered approach makes for a fairly large world for you to explore.

Controls are a little funny with left hand cursor pad doing the work of 4-point compass movement. The whole game is key driven not to similar to something like Spellbound with a more traditional text adventure window at the bottom for information only.


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