Xenon III

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This public domain offering is a spiritual sequel to the two highly respected vertical scrolling shooters by the Bitmap Brothers.  Another in a long line deriving from the likes of Galaga, Scramble, and P-47 Thunderbolt.

The two Amiga shooters where famed for their fast paced action and thumping bomb-the-bass soundtracks.

Alas, this freebie offering has been created with the everymans shooty game creation tool, the Shoot’Em Up Construction Kit.  As a result, while it does look the part, obviously visually inspired by Xenon II, it doesn’t play that well.  It is something on the slow and jerky side in movement.

I also found the screen to be somewhat restricted and busy making movement a little tricky.  The usual key to these style of games is finding the save corner of the screen to fire from.


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