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SimCity shouldn’t work as a game and in theory should be quite boring.  Somehow something about this management simulator grabs you when you least expect it and is somewhat compelling.

You are given the role or town or city planner.  Your sole task is to allocate land.  Land can be allocated to one of three main civic uses – Residential for houses for your citizens, Commercial for shops, and Industrial for manufacturing.

Along side the three main zoning types you need to provide a power station (or two) and run power lines.  Manage both a road and light railway transportation networks.  Provide policing and a fire service.  There is also an airport, seaport and football stadium.  Or you can just allocate land over as park land.

The game runs on a monthly cycle with a budget to be set for each year.  You need to set your tax rates to produce an high enough income to pay for the policing, fire and transportation maintenance.

To mix things up there is there are random disasters like plane crashes and house fires that wreck havoc on your carefully zoned urban sprawl.  Personally I find these disasters a bit too much.  I’m more happy concentrating on carefully zoning my perfect metropolis and managing income.


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