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Pretty run of the mill side scrolling platformer really.  Get to the end of the level before the timer runs out.  If you don’t Mum-ra will send more badies to hold you back.

Mostly it’s walk right and swipe any badie that gets too close with your sword.  You start with three lives but you can pick up the odd power-up of two on the way through.

It looks really good even if it is largely mediocre in its execution.

The game has two standout issues that are fairly hard to ignore.  Firstly its slow.  I mean really slow.  Like CPC struggling with out hardware sprites and scrolling slow.  Not what you’d expect out of a state of the art Amiga.

The other is the dodgy collision detection.  Wave your sword in front of the enemy and they strangely disappear.

Still for a collection of old free games it’s easily near the top of the pile.


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