Ikari Warriors

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SNK’s version of Capcom’s Commando last seen ported to the CPC by Elite back in ’87.  This Amiga version was originally released by Elite around the same time.

It’s definitely one of the better games in the Ten Star pack and does improve in level size and animation over the CPC version.

That said in someways I do prefer the CPC edition of this one.  It boils down to colour scheme and the way the enemy soldiers behave.

The CPC’s colours are stronger and give a more jungle like feeling over this more cartoon-like design probably taking it’s colour palette cues from the Commodore 64.

On the CPC the enemy’s worked on a homing beacon basis which did provide an annoying over crowding problem but at least they were reacting to your movements.

On the Amiga they seem to have a preset pattern and screen positions so once you’ve learned them they’re not too difficult to clear out the way – especially with the tanks.


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