F-29 Retaliator

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The big game in the Amiga Flight Of Fantasy Bundle.  A air combat flight simulator that can be best described as a more realistic Afterburner.  Kind of like G-Loc meets Airliner.

You fly one of two advanced prototype fighter jets in a choice of four combat scenarios across two floppy disks.  While there are very definite mission objectives and full on take off/landing flight sim, most are just going to want to jump straight in using Zulu Mode.

Zulu mode gets you in the cockpit, in the air, and in flight ready to test your dog fighting skills.  And from her the games problems jump out pretty quickly.

It’s sparse.  For a lot of time you’re not really going to see much out of the cockpit window.  So keep an eye on the radar, descend to a more promising altitude and hopefully you’ll come across an enemy jet to tangle with.

Alas at this point everything, probably much as in real life, just happens a little too fast and before you know it (assuming you’ve avoided a midair collision) the targets behind you and your struggling with orientation.

While everything is incredibly sparse, when graphics you do see in terms of bridges and enemy plans are incredibly advanced given they are all made up on the fly out of 3D polygons.

It’s fun to play around with but I haven’t the patients to master.  Much the same as avoiding combat in Elite.


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