Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters

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I’ve got to admit I keep toing and throwing between which of the two arcade pack-ins with the Flight Of Fantasy Pack I actually prefer.  Both are decent arcade game in their own right and both have nigh on perfect arcade ports on the Amiga.

Robot Monsters is an Atari isometric romp on the lines of Bezerk or Robotron with you blasting past robotic meanies out to prevent your escape while at the same time you try and free as many hostages as you can.

If it sounds familiar it’s because the top-down SmashTV offered a very similar experience in the arcade and was a little better and more frantic at it.

I think that’s ultimately what Robot Monsters problem is, and why I may prefer Rainbow Islands, I’ve played SmathTV.  As ever the isometric view makes general movement slightly more tricky.  And the robots do, in good arcade grab you money style swam around a little too much.

But then on the other hand being given 9 credits to complete the game and the ease of coming across bombs kind of tips the balance from stupidly hard to ultra easy to complete if you keep bashing the fire button and don’t mind keep dying.


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