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Anne are you OK, are you OK Anne?  I said, Anne are you OK, are you OK Anne?  You’ve been hit by, you’ve been shot by, A Smooth Criminal

Sega teams up with the King of Pop on the back of his movie, Moonwalker, promoting some of the big hits from his latest album, Bad, which forms the soundtrack to this rather strange but endearing arcade romp.

You play Jacko on his mission to save the children from the mob.  The action is an isometric view Renegade style beat em up with you using the magic power of a pumped fist to blast energy at on coming hoodlums.  If things get too much you always have the option to initiate a group dance that kills all badies on the screen when the music stops!?!  And Bubbles is along for the ride to transform you into robo blasting Jacko!

As I say strange, but up to Sega’s usual standards and strangely very playable.  Graphics, animation, sound are all what you’d expect from a company that previously brought the likes of Shadow Dancer and E-Swat.


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