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’89 and ’90 have been years that have shown what an ageing 8-bit home micro, such as the Amstrad CPC, is capable of when pushed to it’s limits.

Turrican is another game the shows the CPC offering up a high colour display and handling sprites, animation and screen scrolling as well as the 16-bit micro’s and dedicated home consoles.

Turrican is a game designed to stretch and show off the Commodore 64 microcomputer which has a hardware chip for controlling the sprites and scrolling.  The CPC has to use it’s faster Z80 microprocessor to do all this work in software.

The game itself is a hybrid platform/shooter.  In essence an incredibly more advanced Jetpac with multi-screen scrolling action.  Gameplay is mostly along the R-Type lines with plenty of power ups and fast action.

Possibly the most impressive aspect of the game is the main character sprite.  The amount of detail and the number of animation frames is breathtaking.

If I was to make one criticism of this masterpiece I’d say it’s far too tough.  I always struggle fighting my way to the end of even the first level in these types of game.


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