Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

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The four Renascence Italian painters in half-shells.  The big, huge, childrens cartoon hit of the moment with a quartet of martial art loving mutated turtles facing off against the evil Shredder with the help of their mutant rat master.  Konami are the arcade maestros who got the licence to convert the hit TV show in to a coin guzzling arcade cabinet and they choose to offer up a generic Double Dragon remake for their trouble.

It’s not a bad game as scrolling beat-em-ups go.  The sprites are as large and colourful as you’d expect.  Everything is well animated.  All your favourite characters are on screen.  So far so generic.

What sets this cabinet apart from it’s rivals in the number of players.  The likes of Double Dragon and Final Fight are restricted two players battling together through the waves of on comers.  Since there are four coloured bandanna wearing terrapins Konami have allowed you to team up with three mates to battle against the villainous Foot Clan.


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